About: The Invisible lawyer


The Invisible Lawyer is a magazine managed by The Lawyers Collective. We feature cutting edge articles, opinions and interviews on issues which are invisible until acknowledged by the law. We explore the use of law as an instrument of social change.

The objective of this platform is to foreground the link between activism and law of social change. It features posts exploring the work that legal activists do and why they do it. We give you the story behind the cases, the motivation for taking cases to court and the passion behind it. 

The old Lawyers Collective print magazine informed concerned Indians for over two decades about developments in the world of constitutional law, rights in different areas ranging from environment to labour, medical and personal law. As India and the legal world goes increasingly digital, we bring you our easily accessible online forum and bring you contemporary perspectives on how rights is are viewed and interpreted.

Our voice, in its new avatar, contains articles, reflections, case narrations and social justice and dissent. We welcome contributions from our associates, friends, well wishers and also from our critics.


Team The Invisible Lawyer