Executive Director, Lawyers Collective Women’s Rights Initiative

Location : Delhi

Date of Joining: 1 April 2015

Contract Duration: One Year initially (extendable)

Salary: Commensurate with experience


The Executive Director’s overall responsibility is strategic leadership, development and effective operation of LCWRI. The ED will directly manage/oversee the functioning of the Senior Management Team (comprising senior staff responsible for operations, communications, and technical issues), provide leadership on policy matters and strategy development, resource mobilisation, partnership development and lead advocacy efforts, at national and international levels with stakeholders. The ED will also play a leadership role in strategising the future direction, Lawyers Collective as an organisation, will take. The ED is also responsible for overseeing the effective implementation of organisational policies, procedures and systems such as HR systems including staff management and development.

S/he will report directly to the Board of Trustees of the Lawyers Collective.

The specific responsibilities of the ED will include:

Strategic Leadership

Objective: To ensure that LCWRI continues to set benchmarks and standards in providing legal expertise and leadership on women’s rights issues, nationally and internationally; to ensure that LCWRI initiates and responds to cutting edge issues; to act as the link between the Board of Trustees and the team

  • Participate with the Board of Trustees in developing a vision and strategic plan to guide the organization
  • Identify, assess, and inform the Board of Trustees of internal and external issues that affect the organization
  • Act as a professional advisor to the Board of Trustees on all aspects of the organization’s activities
  • Effectively communicate organisational concerns with and provide linkages between the Board and the staff
  • In addition to the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees and any other person as may be designated for the purpose, act as a spokesperson for the organization
  • Represent the organization at national, regional and international events, trainings, meetings etc.

Operational planning and management

Objective: LCWRI functions as an effective organisation, with systems and processes in place for optimum use of available resources with a blueprint for future development.

  • Support the Director, Operations to develop and implement an operational plan which incorporates goals and objectives that work towards the strategic direction of the organization
  • Oversee efficient and effective day-to-day operation of the organization. Towards this, provide oversight and inputs to the Director, Operations, as and when required.
  • In consultation with the Director, Operations (and senior staff), finalise policies for the approval of the Board of Trustees and support to put in place procedures to implement the organizational policies; review existing policies on an annual basis and recommend changes, as appropriate
  • Provide any other support to the Board of Trustees, including organisingBoard meetings

Program planning and management

Objective: LCWRI has an effective short-term and long-term implementable program plan and that this plan is supported by adequate operational processes, human resources and funds.

  • Oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of the organization’s programs and services. Towards this, in consultation with the technical team, ensure that short-term and long-term plans are in place (monthly, annual, 3/5 year plans as may be appropriate) and that the operational, human resources, and fund raising planning reflect the programmatic priorities.
  • Ensure that the programs and services offered by the organization contribute to the organization’s mission and reflect its priorities
  • Provide handholding and intellectual support to the technical/program teams of the organisation to strengthen on gong processes as well as identify new areas of research and programmatic content.
  • Monitor the day-to-day delivery of the programs and services of the organization to maintain or improve quality

Human resources planning and management

Objective: LCWRI has an adequate, committed, and motivated team

  • In consultation with the Senior Management Team, determine staffing requirements for organizational management and program delivery
  • Oversee the implementation of the human resources policies, procedures and practices
  • Establish and encourage a positive, healthy and safe work environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations. This includes the implemenation of the policy relating to Sexual Harassment at the Workplace
  • Support the Operations team to recruit, interview and select staff that have the right technical and personal abilities to help further the organization’s mission
  • Ensure a performance management process for all staff which includes monitoring the performance of staff on an on-going basis and conducting an annual performance review.

Financial planning and management

Objective: LCWRI has an effective fundraising plan which is implemented, and a sound and transparent financial management system in place

  • Work with staff and the Chairperson of Board of Trustees to prepare a comprehensive organisational budget (operational and program)
  • Research funding sources, oversee the development of fund raising plans and approve funding proposals on behalf of the organization
  • Lead fundraising activities as may be appropriate
  • Administer the funds of the organization according to the approved budget and monitor the monthly cash flow of the organization. Approve expenditures within the authority delegated by the Board of Trustees. Ensure sound and transparent financial management of the organisation, including having oversight on internal accounting and book keeping procedures
  • Ensure that the organization complies with all finance related legislations

Advocacy and Communication

Objective: The organisation communicates effectively with all stakeholders and increases its outreach. The programs and work of the organisation translates into visible impact, at the levels of policymaking and in the community.

  • Lead advocacy efforts and act as the spokesperson of the organisation, engaging with stakeholders at all levels, to keep them informed of the work of the organization
  • Establish and maintain relationships and collaborative arrangements with traditional and non-traditional partners/stakeholders of the organisation, including funders, Government agencies, legal community, justice system actors and other NGOs/CSOs/women’s groups/individual experts, to help achieve the goals of the organization
  • Support the Communications team to strategise and develop a communications plan; oversee implementation of the organisation’s communication plan, including ensuring urgently responding to new developments and issues of concern

Risk management

  • Identify and evaluate the risks to the organization (clients, staff, management, external consultants, its goodwill and position) and implement measures to control such risks



  • Masters in the fields of law/social sciences/any other relevant discipline.
  • Additional relevant qualification will be considered an advantage.

Professional Experience:

  • At least 10-15 years experience working in the field of human rights with a focus on women’s issues
  • Has led an organization working on human rights issues in the past or has been in a leadership position in an organization with national, regional or international presence

Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Knowledge of leadership and management principles as they relate to non-profit/ voluntary organizations
  • Knowledge of human resources management
  • Knowledge of financial management
  • Knowledge of project management

Personal characteristics:

  • Lead: Positively influence others to achieve results that are in the best interest of the organization.
  • Think Strategically: Assesses options and actions based on trends and conditions in the environment, and the vision and values of the organization.
  • Make Decisions: Assess situations to determine the importance, urgency and risks, and make clear decisions which are timely and in the best interests of the organization.
  • Organize: Set priorities, develop a work schedule, monitor progress towards goals, and track details, data, information and activities
  • Plan: Determine strategies to move the organization forward, set goals, create and implement actions plans, and evaluate the process and results.
  • Solve Problems: Assess problem situations to identify causes, gather and process relevant information, generate possible solutions, and make recommendations and/or resolve the problem.
  • Foster Teamwork: Work cooperatively and effectively with others to set goals, resolve problems, and make decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness.
  • Communicate Effectively: Speak, listen and write in a clear, thorough and timely manner using appropriate and effective communication tools and techniques.
  • Build Relationships: Establish and maintain positive working relationships with others, both internally and externally, to achieve the goals of the organization.
  • Behave Ethically: Understand ethical behaviour and business practices, and ensure that own behaviour and the behaviour of others is consistent with these standards and aligns with the values of the organization.
  • Creativity/Innovation: Develop new and unique ways to improve operations of the organization and to create new opportunities.
  • Adaptability: Demonstrate a willingness to be flexible, versatile and/or tolerant in a changing work environment while maintaining effectiveness and efficiency.


Interested candidates please send in a writing sample and an updated CV to wri.delhi@lawyerscollective.org latest by the 28 of February 2015.