Workshops on sexual harassment


Corporate Relations Institute will conduct two-city workshops here (October 18) and in Kochi (October 4) on The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013. Lakshmi Vinayan, certified trainer of the Central Social Welfare Board and counsellor in the State Women’s Cell, and C.B. Mukundan, high court lawyer, will be the faculty.

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  1. I was subjected to sexual harassment at my workplace, an affluent law firm located in the prime financial hub of New Delhi. The man who did it, is the boss’s (female) favorite and also the office manager. He has harassed every woman in the office and not stopped after repeated admonition. Finally, I raised my voice when he started passing sexually tinged comments regarding my pregnancy. And yes, I am a lawyer. I have studied law from a national school law and practiced law for the past two years. When I wrote to my boss about the harassment, her rely was ”he can never do this, get everyone together and go to conference room and sort this out within the next half hour”..She was in the States that time and did not utter a word about this when she was back. Much against my wishes, I had to talk to him, where the other female lawyers/staff told him that what he does is wrong and he replied sarcastically with “Sorry”. That’s not where it ends. My Boss gave me a hard time after that. And still is. I a looking for a job to get out of this hell but can’t quit as I have a baby to care for now. This female Boss also runs a society which apparently fights for women rights!! And the harassment continues..not with me, but other ladies who are too feeble to raise their voice in fear of losing their job after seeing my example.


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